Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Romance on the High Seas

 Maiden Voyage was my introduction to writing erotic romance, and what an education it was! As the story grew and I delved deeper into the psyches of my characters, I became a silent companion on their very passionate cruise.
      I love to travel, so what better setting to use for romantic exploration? Amanda and Nick explore the depths of erotic sex as well as personal desire. From the tease on the deck of the tramp steamer to the full-throttle exploding passion in the engine room, these two keep the heat turned way up.

For your titillation, an excerpt from Maiden Voyage:

    "Leaning on the cold, hard railing, she clutched her glass. The wind tore at her clothes and snatched her hair from the chignon, whipping the long strands into a frenzy about her face. The fiery dark orange ball loomed huge on the horizon, frosting the waves with splashes and glints of glorious color, reflecting the kaleidoscope of pastels from the sky above. So strong and positive, like youthful enthusiasm for life. The sun quickly dropped beneath the flat line of water, leaving a wake of pinks and purples. Gone so soon, like life passing by—so easy to miss. She stared at the fading patterns and felt deep sorrow for all the experiences that had slipped past her, unnoticed. 
    “You like the sea?” A strong accent sang through the rich, deep voice.
    Amanda nearly dropped her glass. Whirling around, she found herself staring into the intense gaze of a very handsome man. He turned his attention to a pile of rope on the deck and began to loop the thick cord neatly into perfect coils, his powerful arm muscles rippling beneath burnished olive skin.
    Amanda couldn’t tear her gaze from his movements. “Yes, it’s beautiful.”
    She sipped the last of the sherry while she watched him finish his task. Spanish? Italian? His long black hair was pulled back in a ponytail, enhancing the silhouette of his head and features. High cheekbones, a bit of a Roman nose, a bushy black moustache, a shadow of beard. She drew her breath in, slowly and quietly, as an unfamiliar stir moved through the pit of her stomach. He straightened and faced her, his attention turning that stir into a frenzy.
    Dark brown eyes beneath heavy black brows considered her for a moment, then he nodded.  “Welcome to ATLAS.”  Then he turned abruptly and disappeared down a stairwell.
    She exhaled sharply, willing her pulse to stop racing and her insides to stop jigging. The stranger in her fantasies was real. Even the chilly wind couldn’t cool the heat moving across her chest.
    By the time she’d huffed and puffed back up the stairwell to the fourth deck, the physical sensation had diminished, but her confusion lingered. Had anyone ever affected her that way? She searched the back roads of her bleak history with men, and knew this experience was a first. The long day and the sherry caught up with her, and she climbed into her bunk, trying not to think about the dark sailor.
      His bold expression intensified his dark eyes and strong jaw. What would his smile be like? Would his teeth be perfect and white, gleaming behind those sexy lips? Lips that looked soft, yet firm. What would they feel like, kissing her? Touching her bare skin? Sucking her nipples?"

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It's Coming - - and So Will You!

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Returning to Writing

Sometimes life just steps in and kick you in the butt. Keeps you from the things you want to do, insists you do the things you don't want to do.

A writer's life is thus.

Over a year has passed since I had the luxury of sitting in my cave and putting my erotic fantasies on the screen. Too long, but nothing to do but carry on.

This past summer, I finally wheedled out one of my Wander Lust short stories and managed to actually publish it! Not quite as satisfying as finishing the novel in progress, but a start.

Maybe the cooler weather, the diminished family crises, and a clearer head will prevail in the next few months. For now, this is all I got!